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How to make windows private at night


Are wondering how to make windows private at night so as to achieve maximum privacy in your house?

After a long busy day, we all want to come home and feel comfortable and safe as we relax in the evening.

Nothing scares more than feeling like someone can see you through the window at night. That is why ensuring your windows are well covered is very important.

Personally, I have tried different nighttime privacy window treatments like window film, blackout curtains, and blinds among others. Some of these treatments work well during the day while others work both at daytime and nighttime.

You too can increase this privacy at night by trying some of the methods I recommend in this article.

How to make windows private at night with nighttime privacy window treatments

1. Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains provide a high level of privacy because they block out light hence people from outside cannot see the inside.

They are also referred to as privacy curtains.

In addition to blocking out light, some privacy curtains block noise and sound that may pass through the windows.

The downside of these curtains is that they block light and make the room pitch dark, which does not work for some people.

How to make windows private at night

The NICETOWN Room Darkening Curtains are the best rated. They come in different sizes and colors and guarantee 100% blackout and thermal insulation of a room.

2. Shades and blinds

Shades are very effective in that you can pull them down when privacy is needed and fold them up for lighting. So they come in handy at night.

They are available in a range of styles, fabrics, and colors; hence, they give you the flexibility to choose what works best for you.

Their main disadvantage is that they tend to wear and tear over extensive use.

Blinds are common in many home and office settings. Some people prefer blinds to curtains due to their effectiveness in providing privacy. Also, they are affordable and come in almost all colors.

You can have them installed either on the inside or outside of your window frame.

Blinds work by adjusting the slants to control the amount of light that gets into the house. During the day the slants can be opened to allow light but for total privacy at night, the slants can be closed.

3. Privacy window films

Some years ago, the only solution to window privacy was the use of curtains, shades, and blinds. But these methods are quickly becoming unpopular.

There are other options to keep your windows private such as using different types of window treatments like frosted window films.

Privacy window films are available in a variety of features and designs.

The type of window film to use depends on the level of privacy one wants to achieve. Hence, it is important to consider the different features so as to choose one that will give one the desired privacy.

Let’s now discuss the types of window films in detail and give you a few examples to choose from.

Frosted privacy window film

If you are looking for something that can block the view while allowing light into the house, go for the frosted privacy window films.

This type of privacy film does not block out light completely as curtains would.

But the most important thing is that it does not let people on the outside see inside your house.

How to make windows private at night

Frosted window films for nighttime privacy are available in different styles and colors allowing you to choose the best for different rooms. They are also available in whiteout and blackout frosted film as well as traditional frosted films.

Frosted window films can also be used for bathroom privacy. If you do not want to use tampered glass or incur the cost of blinds and curtains, frosted window film is the go-to solution.

Wondering which frosted window film to choose? Try the Coavas Frosted Window film which is quite popular for use both at home and office. It blocks about 96% of harmful UV rays but allows light to pass through. Also, it is easy to install and remove without leaving any residue behind.

In addition, Coavas frosted window film is easy to clean by simple wiping and it is not affected by condensation and moisture.

Blackout or Opaque window films

Blackout window films are designed to block out 100% of light as well as make the windows opaque so that no one can see through.

The windows appear completely dark from outside no matter the time of day. Thus, you can rest assured of maximum window privacy at night.

A major drawback of black-out window films is that they make the room pitch dark even during the day. They are however great for afternoon naps and blocking morning light especially for people with young kids.

This Window Whirl Store 100% blackout film is quite popular as it darkens the room and it is very easy to install. Furthermore, it does not leave any adhesive residue on the window when removed.

How to make windows private at night
Blackout Window Film

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Questions on how to make windows private at night

Can you see through privacy glass at night?

Yes. The privacy of a reflective window film is determined by lighting. If the inside is brighter than outside (night time when the lights inside are on) you will be able to see through the window from outside.

How to make windows private without curtains

For 24 hour privacy without the use of curtains, you can use translucent one-way frosted glass film which allows light in but blocks the detailed view through the window.

You can as well use opaque window films that block light and visibility.

Is there a one-way window film that works at night?

Yes, the translucent one-way frosted glass film allows light to pass through but you cannot see through it at night.


This article on how to make windows private at night has provided some good ways you can achieve privacy in your home.

Other than curtains, blinds, and shades, you can use window films like frosted films to keep your house protected from the outside eyes.

However, most window films that are meant to offer total privacy tend to block light. So if the lighting is important to you, get privacy window films that allow light in while giving you the privacy you need.