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Best Floating Shelf Brackets for Heavy Duty (2022 Reviews)


What is the weight capacity that a floating shelf can hold? Well, the answer to this question mainly lies in the brackets you choose. If you want your shelves to hold heavy items, you must choose the best floating shelf brackets for heavy-duty.

Brackets come in different designs and sizes but not all are meant to support heavy items. Heavy-duty brackets are particularly suitable for supporting floating shelves meant to hold such as dishes and glassware in the kitchen, which tend to be quite heavy.

In this article, we shall review some of the best brackets that can support your floating shelves and heavyweight items without falling whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place in the house.

Comparison table of the best brackets for floating shelves

BrandProduct ImageFeatures
NACH js-90-064S Half Round Wall Shelf BracketVery sturdy
Heavy duty
High quality
YUMORE Folding Shelf BracketFoldable
Rust & Corrosion proof
Heavy duty
8-Inch Heavy Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets100% solid steel
LuckIn 8-Inch Metal Lip BracketVery sturdy
Over 80lbs capacity
Pipe Shelf Brackets by EQUASONMalleable iron steel
Heavy duty

Best Floating Shelf Brackets for Heavy Duty Reviews

1. NACH js-90-064S Half Round Wall Shelf Bracket

If you are looking for shelf brackets that can withstand heavy items without falling, then get the NACH brackets.

They are made of heavy-duty and weighted cast iron, which makes them tough and durable. In addition, they can withstand the test of time even when exposed to moisture since they are rustproof. In addition, they do not corrode so they can be used to support outdoor floating shelves.

Moreover, the cast-iron makes the brackets attractive and decorative in both modern and traditional home designs.

These brackets are very easy to install. They come with holes already drilled so your job is just to screw them onto the wall and shelf.

However, remember to buy the appropriate screws since they are not provided. Most users recommend the heavy-duty construction screws for attaching to the wall and the stainless steel screws for attaching to the shelves.


  • They come in 2 sizes, small and large
  • High-quality brackets
  • Able to support heavy items
  • They are rustproof
  • Very sturdy


  • They do not come with screws

2. YUMORE Folding Shelf Bracket

Do you want to install a floating shelf that you can fold out of the way when not in use? YUMORE folding shelf brackets offer this option.

These sturdy yet durable shelf brackets are made of high premium grade stainless steel that is brushed with high-quality stainless steel. This makes it rustproof and does not corrode, tarnish, or get scratched easily.

The fact that they can fold up when not in use helps to save space in the hallway, stores, kitchen, bathroom, or any other area in the house.

Once you purchase them, the installation process is quite easy. This is because they come with all the necessary mounting accessories which include premium stainless steel screws and anchors.

In addition, the brackets have pre-drilled holes-3 on each arm for screw installation.

Most importantly, these brackets are designed to hold heavy items weighing up to 150kgs. This makes it possible for you to use them to hold shelves meant for heavy items like books, flowerpots, and dishes.


  • Folds when not in use
  • Sturdy and easy to install
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Rust and corrosion-proof
  • Comes with stainless steel screws and anchors
  • Great for supporting heavy duty items


  • Users absolutely love these brackets

3. 8-Inch Heavy Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets (Invisible)

If you don’t like the seeing brackets under your floating shelves, these 8-inch hidden brackets will work perfectly.

Once installed, the brackets are completely hidden such that the shelves appear floating.

They are meant to support 8-12 inch depth wood shelves. Therefore, since the shelf depth recommended for the kitchen is 12 inches and 10 inches for living room or bookshelves, these 8-inch brackets will be the perfect length for your shelves no matter the location.

In addition, the brackets are meant for heavy-duty since they are 100% solid steel. Thus, each bracket can hold up to 75lbs of books, dishes, large mantles, and decoration items without falling.

Moreover, they are powder coated so they do not rust and can be used outdoor or garage shelving.


  • Very easy to install
  • They come with 12x steel screws and x24 plastic anchors for instant mounting
  • The holes for mounting are already predrilled
  • They are invisible when properly mounted
  • Very sturdy
  • Strongest floating shelf brackets
  • Hidden shelf brackets (concealed)


  • They are not suitable for wooden shelves over 12 inches in depth

4.  LuckIn 8-Inch Metal Lip Bracket

These brackets are made of heavy-duty steel, which allows them to support items weighing up to 80lbs. They fit perfectly on any standard sized board of 8 x 2 inches.

They are easy to install since they come with all the mounting hardware for different surfaces. This includes 8x drywall anchors and 16x screws for a pack of 4.

In addition, they can be installed in concrete, wood, and drywall whether in the kitchen, bathroom, study, or living room.

They can also be used for outdoor shelving since they have a painted rustproof painting.


  • They are very sturdy
  • Very easy and straightforward to install
  • Heavy-duty for heavy items weighing up to 80lbs
  • Comes with all installation hardware
  • They are rustproof
  • Strongest floating shelf brackets


  • They need a board that is thick enough for them to hold

5. Pipe Shelf Brackets by EQUASON

These pipe brackets come in a set of 6 and hardware, which includes 18 long screws, 18 short screws, and 18 wall anchors. This means that the brackets come ready for seamless installation.

They are made from real heavy-duty iron making them durable and long-lasting and strong enough to support items weighing up to 25kgs.

In addition, they are spray-painted black to make them rustproof.

The rustic and industrial look of these brackets gives them a really great look as they complement the rest of the house décor quite well. They can be used to support floating shelves in the kitchen, bathroom, office, garage, nursery, and even in the basement or outdoor.


  • They are sturdy and solid
  • The price is very fair for a pack of 6 brackets
  • They are designed to support heavy items
  • These brackets can mount 3 vintage floating shelves
  • All installation hardware included


  • The drywall anchors provided may not work on plaster wall

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How to choose the best floating shelf brackets 

Heavy duty

The shelf brackets must be able to hold a lot of weight and not sag at all. For this reason, they should be made of strong materials like steel.

The weight capacity should be at least 2-3 times the weight of your heaviest book or object that will sit on it

Easy to install

They should have very clear instructions for installation and can be done by one person or two people in an hour or less.


There are many different materials that the shelves could be made out of. But, plastic is not recommended because it will break easily when it falls on top of something heavy


It’s important to find a balance between good quality and affordability so you don’t end up spending more money than you need to


You want your brackets to stay secure during earthquakes or other natural disasters without falling off the wall, so make sure they’re anchored well into the studs in your walls

When installing a new heavy duty floating shelf bracket, remember that all screws must go through both pieces of wood before screwing them together – this will keep things secure and prevent sagging over time

Clearance space

Make sure there is enough room around the bracket for wires from electronics like TVs, computers, etc., as well as any cords from lamps that may hang over them.

Keep in mind that different types of brackets are better suited for certain situations (e.g., if you have kids who might get hurt on sharp edges)

Width of the brackets

It’s important to make sure that the width of the brackets is wide enough for your needs. However, it should not be too wide so it doesn’t support the weight as well


If you’re going with metal brackets then try painting them bright colors like silver or gold! This way they’ll match everything else in your living room

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FAQ about heavy-duty brackets for floating shelves

How strong are shelf brackets

Shelf brackets can hold a considerable amount of weight. However, they may have different levels of strength depending on their size and the material they are made of.

For instance, a steel bracket can hold up to 150 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and an aluminum or zinc-coated one holds up to 175 lbs.

How long should floating shelf brackets be?

For a floating shelf, the bracket needs to be long enough to support the weight of your shelf. A good size for most shelves is between 16 inches and 23 inches.

How do you support heavy floating shelves?

The best way to support heavy floating shelves is by anchoring them on the wall using heavy-duty brackets.

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If you are wondering how much weight floating shelves can hold, then your answer lies in the brackets you choose. The best floating shelf brackets that can support heavy items need to be made of a strong material such as heavy-duty cast iron or premium grade stainless steel. Such brackets tend to be very strong and durable and can hold heavy items in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room without falling.


  1. I am planning to buy an invisible shelf bracket that I saw online to put in my living room. It’s good to know that brackets come in different designs and sizes. All this time I thought their size is standard. I intend to make the room aesthetically pleasing in the eyes. Hopefully, I can buy one with the right size.

    1. Hi Victoria. Glad you learnt something from this article. Yes, shelf brackets come in different sizes so you have to choose one based on the depth of your shelf.

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