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Tricks to Keep Couch Covers in Place

Tricks to Keep Couch Covers in Place and Stop Slipping

We understand that having to straighten and fix the covers every time you leave the couch can be very annoying. This is why we came up with a few tricks to keep couch covers in place.

Couch covers are a good and cost-effective way to refurbish old seats or protect them from spills, dirt, and pet hair. However, sometimes the cover slides or moves around leaving the couch, sofa, or armrest looking very untidy.

The tricks we have provided in this article are simple DIY ideas that you can do easily at home. You don’t have to use all the tricks. Just go with the ones that will work best to keep the slipcover in place.

5 Tricks to keep couch covers in place

1. Foam inserts

Some seat covers come with foam inserts, which you place in the crack between the arm of the sofa or the back and the seating cushion.

Tricks to keep couch covers in place

You simply stuff the form insert deep into the crack and it will ensure the cover stays in place quite well.

If you don’t have the foam inserts, you can try these MO&SU slipcover foam strips which come in a set of 30 strips.

2. Non-skid rug padding

It is hard for slipcovers to stay in place on leather seats because they are quite slippery.

But in our previous review, we researched and found this couch covers for leather seats that are guaranteed to stay put without sliding.

However, if you already have slipcovers that keep sliding, you may need to place non-skid padding on the cushions similar to what is used under a rug. This will help to hold the covers in place and prevent them from moving around.

3. Slipcover straps

Some brands include the slipcover straps in the package. Check to see whether yours come with the straps if not you may need to purchase the straps such as this sofa slipcover holder.

slipcover straps

The straps are usually elastic and adjustable and hold the seat covers at the back and underneath the couch to keep them in place.

4. Slipcover tuck grips or Sofa tuckers

The slipcover strips are also known as sofa tuckers and work similarly to the foam inserts except that they are made of PVC.

They help to easily secure seat covers or any other furniture covers in place and prevent them from slipping. This reduces loose folds and messy wrinkles that make the seats look untidy.

The slipcover tuckers come in different shapes and sizes and in a set such as the Great Bay Home Sofa Tuckers, which are made of flexible PVC and come in a set of 5 or 15 strips.

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5. Upholstery clear head twist pins

Upholstery twist pins such as this Dritz Home Twist Pins are small with a clear head. They are strong enough to hold the slipcovers on a couch, sofa, or armchair.

Despite being twisted, these pins are very easy to fix by applying little pressure to ensure they are well secured.

You can use them on bed skirts or any other baggy upholstery that you would like to fit perfectly and stay in place.

6. Cardboard tubes/magazine/rubber non-adhesive shelf liner

Anything that is rolled into a tube such as a cardboard or a rubber non-adhesive shelf liner can be used to hold the seat covers in place.

You can also use a magazine or newspaper. Simply roll it up and use duct tape or masking tape to hold it into a tube. Push the rolled magazine tube between the back and the cushions and sides of the couch as indicated earlier and the cover will stay in place.

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The above six tricks to keep couch covers in place are very simple. You don’t have to change your couch covers because they keep sliding. You can use anything that can be rolled into a tube such as a newspaper or a magazine. Alternatively, specially made foam inserts or sofa tuckers also work perfectly. For covers to stay in place on leather seats, use a non-skid rug padding similar to what is used under your carpet to prevent it from moving around.

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    1. I know your pain and all I can think of is using elastic. Match the colour to your lounge and or the seat. Sew in 2-3 lengths depending on the size of your lounge, so the protector will be firmly held in place.
      There is one drawback as you will need help after you have sewn the elastic on to slide over your lounge.
      If someone else has a better suggestion please please let me know.

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